IF CEED is organised around two Incubation Clusters (ICs):

  • Materials & Innovative Designs (IC1 MID);
  • Processes & Digitalisation (IC2 PD).

The former represents the "hardware" of the IF CEED project; the latter constitutes its "software".

Within each IC, several Project Circles [PCs] are created, each to address a Specific Objective of the IF CEED Workplan. A PC is a dedicated group of experts from engaged stakeholders (e.g. Ministries of Defence, defence-related industry, research-and-technology-organisations, academia, institutes), partly based on EDA’s working bodies specialised on the respective field, who meet to achieve the goals of IF CEED.


Graphic : Incubation Clusters [ICs] and Project Circles [PCs]


Additionally, six Transversal Cells [TCs] cooperate to nurture and support the ICs and their PCs.

Graphic : Incubation clusters [IC], Project circles [PCs] and Transversal Cells [TCs]


IF CEED is co-funded by:

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