Data are the cornerstone of digital economy. Twinning digitalisation and circularity requires finding innovative ways for a transparent ‎sharing of information in a secured and standardized way, while also considering intellectual property rights (IPRs) and data protection.

This project circle includes identifying, comparing and evaluating existing efforts ‎in setting up standardised data exchange systems aimed at enabling easier maintenance, repair, reuse and ‎redesign of objects and products as well as of their respective components, ‎materials and substances used in European defence. It addresses also digital inventories in military supply chains and digitalization and efficiency of logistics (warehouse management, intralogistics and outbound logistics); the usage of technology, such as GPS, RFID, big data, all helping with real-time solutions, prediction of supplier demand, self- coordination and automatization.

Project ideas

Digital Product Passport (DPP) for Armour Inserts:

The typical lifetime of an armour insert is about 5 to 10 years. Currently, due to safety and security reasons, the only option at the presumed end of life is disposal. Digitalisation could lead to more circular management of soldiers’ protective equipment. Even if an armour insert is designed to be disassembled and/or manufactured based on recyclable materials, it can only be used if authorised parties have access to the product composition. The objective is to develop and test a DPP prototype for armour inserts, including relevant technologies for product identification and a Proof of Concept of the IT architecture.   

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