The main objective is to explore the possibilities to implement the Eco-Management and Audit scheme (EMAS) in selected military installations.

Collaboration between defence industry and armed forces implemented in test ranges is essential for development of innovative, efficient and effective defence systems. The same large firing ranges are also commonly used for large scale military unit training.

Eco-management in those facilities has to take into consideration very specific problems that are rarely encountered in other organizations and activities:

  • military systems, due to specific constraints and/or technical/operational requirements include sometimes dangerous chemical substances, used under special derogations to the REACH regulations;
  • fire activities and detonations may produce toxic chemicals and may spread them over large areas;
  • large amounts of dangerous waste may be produced;
  • ·other effects on environment and ecosystems are connected to noise production and electromagnetic emissions (e.g. radars).

EMAS may provide to those institutions the ideal framework to evaluate and optimise their environmental performance. The EMAS certification of experimental ranges may be also considered essential for framing circular economy in defence systems development, linking defence industry R&D and production, military unit training, environmental protection, dangerous waste management, resource efficiency, sustainable development and support to local economy.

Examples of key activities foreseen

  • Engagement of experimental (ground and sea) ranges belonging to different Member States in sharing knowledge and experience in view of the uptake of the EMAS certification;
  • In Annex to the final report, description of standard procedures and best practices relevant for EMAS, concerning e.g. noise reduction, controlled electromagnetic environment, reduced exposure to ionising and non-ionising radiation, pollution prevention, waste management, public statements and reports on environmental performance.

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