Pooling and sharing of military Spare Parts have the potential to contribute significantly to the objectives of circular economy. The common pooling and sharing of spare parts reduces the number of warehouse capacities normally used by military. This will have an impact especially on the transportation capacity and effort in terms of delivery and distribution to the end user. In combination with intelligent warehouse management this contributes to reduce the carbon footprint. Re-using Spare Parts instead of re-producing Spare Parts saves important natural resources and additionally has a positive impact on the carbon footprint through reducing logistic activities in terms of transport and provision.

The best way of saving valuable resources and avoiding waste is the pooling and sharing of Spare Parts for commonly procured and used military equipment, either for legacy assets or for upcoming military procurements. A commonly used logistic process and an appropriated IT application with smart warehouse management will bring added value to circular economy.

Project ideas

Circular management of Spare Parts from decommissioned assets

The project idea revolves around establishing a robust and systematic approach, both legally and technically, for the circular management of spare parts derived from decommissioned assets. The primary objective is to build a comprehensive strategy that ensures the retention of maximum value for these parts and materials. Additionally, the project envisions the creation of a dedicated marketplace specifically tailored for the exchange and utilisation of spare parts across member states. 

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