This activity will address, among others, the naval defence industry’s concerns about the implications on the design, supply chain and lifecycle of the Circular Economy goals aimed at fostering material re-use. The naval sector appears also interested to the eco-design of fuel cells. Furthermore, under the maritime area there is a need to address the eco-design of complex combat platforms too, with a vast and diverse number of systems and system of systems therein integrated. This calls for a rethinking of the design in the frame of a new business model for Circular Economy, so to embed the life cycle and to keep under control the costs since the early stage of a new project.

In the aerospace sector, there is an industry interest to an eco-design approach targeting less resources to manufacture parts, the increase of parts lifespan, the recycle of strategic material (e.g. titanium), the enabling of energy recovery.

Project ideas

Guidelines for environmental evaluation in defence applications

Despite efforts by academics and industry to determine the footprint and handprint of defence activities and/or products, there is no commonly agreed method for assessing impacts, highlighting the benefits of circularity and avoiding undesirable side effects. It is therefore necessary to build a consensus on how to assess the environmental impacts. The objective of the project idea is to establish guidelines for environmental evaluation in defence applications, covering methodologies, tools and data sets.

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Development of a smart modular protective clothing system for military applications using safe-and-sustainable by design principles:

Within the defence sector, this project idea aims to create smart textiles with new materials. The goal is to develop a smart modular protective clothing system for military applications, incorporating "Safe-and-Sustainable by Design" principles. Anticipated outcomes encompass the creation of new textile structures with biosurfactants and colorants, a smart textile substrate for chemical detection, antimicrobial properties, and the production of a demonstrator.

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