Exercise Italian Call 2011

  • 24 May 2011 to 09 June 2011
  • Viterbo ITALY
  • 08:14 - 09:14

The third exercise in the EDA’s Helicopter Training Programme will be hosted by Italy and will be held at Viterbo, north of Rome between 24 May and 9 June 2011. Known as ITALIAN CALL 11, the exercise will practice the missions and procedures that might be required on future operations. A total of 30 helicopters will be involved. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia will be sending aircraft and crews, with Lithuania and Greece sending observers.

The aim of the exercise is to train European crews and staff to operate in hot, dry and dusty environment adopting common procedures while operating as joint/combined Aviation Battalion in an exercise Crises Response Operations (CRO). The ISAF Theater of Operation will be used as Exercise Scenario.


For updated information, consult IT CALL 2011 blog.

Andrew Gray, EDA Helicopter Project Manager, explains briefly the aim of the HTP and the purpose of the next Exercise, IT CALL 2011:
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