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Military Green 2012: Proceedings Now Available

Mid-June displayed a milestone in Military Green, EDA’s effort on Energy and Environment. In the heart of Brussels, at the Royal Military Academy, senior decision makers and experts gathered to discuss the role of defence and crisis management as a contributor to the EU goals for 2020 and beyond while enhancing effectiveness of capabilities.

An ambitious Event, Military Green 2012’s High Level Day saw policy makers, experts on climate change, military commanders and research directors provide their views on the overall benefits of greener defence and crisis management. The list of esteemed speakers included:

  • Mr Jose-Maria FIGUERES (videolink from Rio), President of Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room and former President of Costa Rica
  • H E Dr Tamás Ivan KOVÁCS, Ambassador of Hungary to Kingdom of Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Ms Marie DONNELLY, Director for New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation, DG Energy, European Commission
  • H E Gabor IKLODY, Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO
  • Mr Jean PERROT, Vice President, Head of R&T Institutional Affairs, EADS
  • Rear Admiral Bruce WILLIAMS, Deputy Director General, EU Military Staff
  • Dr Andrew BARRETT, Senior Advisor, IHS CERAM
  • Mr Tom SPENCER, Vice Chairman, Global Military Advisory Council and former MEP
  • Dr Jason BLACKSTOCK, Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, Oxford University
  • Ms Claude-France ARNOULD, Chief Executive, European Defence Agency

The High Level Day was accompanied by a small scale technology exhibition and demonstration showing what is available today off-the-shelf. A complementary Technical Conference provided insights into what we can expect in the future.

In an attempt to capture the essence of the whole Event, the Military Green 2012 Proceedings have now been compiled and are available for download (see attached document). Bosting closer to two-hundred pages it contains a summary of the High Level Day, descriptions of the systems exhibited / demonstrated and the technical papers that were presented at the Technical Conference (see below).

  • Sustainable Design and Acquisition, Dinesh H C REMPLING (EDA)
  • Land Open System Architecture, Paul JOHNSON (UK MoD)
  • Environmentally, Friendly Solutions in Military Applications: NAMSA Initiatives, Jörn BRAUER (NAMSA)
  • Alternative Options for Crisis Management Operations, Antoine VINCENT (EDA)
  • Power Forward Operating Base, Paul JOHNSON (UK MoD)
  • Naval Economy and Flexibility, John BUCKINGHAM (BMT Defence Services)
  • Military Engine and Propulsion, Thomas VON RETH (FEV)
  • Environmentally Responsible Munitions, Adam CUMMING (UK MoD)
  • Safe and Ecological Destruction of Ammunition, Bogdan JAKUSZ, Olga DOBROWOLSKA (JAKUSZ Security Systems)
  • Hazardous Substances in Military Operations, Martin HILL (SAP)
  • The Role of ICT in Energy Efficient Military Camps, Civil Cases Studies and Business Model Examples, António BENTO (ISA), João NOGUEIRA (ISaLL), Jorge LANDECK (ISA), Andreia CARREIRO (INESC Coimbra), Rui MACHADO (Quantific)
  • Renewable Energies in Combination with Energy Storage Systems for Military Field Camps, Karsten PINKWART, Carsten CREMERS, Peter FISCHER (Fraunhofer ICT)
  • Demonstration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for German Land Forces, Karsten PINKWART, Carsten CREMERS, Domnik BAYER, André NIEDERGESÄß, Jens TÜBKE (Fraunhofer ICT), Markus GÖTZ, Siegfried LIMMER, (FutureE Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH), Nico KROLL, Hans-Joachim THON (WTD 51)
  • TSS Habitat Systems, Kris VANCOMPERNOLLE (TSS)
  • Methanol Steam Reformer – High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System Analysis, Andrej LOTRIČ (Mebius), Stanko HOČEVAR (Mebius and National Institute of Chemistry)
  • Sustainable Development, Defence and the EU Law Making Process, Gilles LELONG (French MoD)
  • Reduction of Energy Costs and Enhancement of Military Energy Supply Cooperation- Present and Future Policies and Measures, Sabine MUELLER, Joachim BURBIEL (Fraunhofer INT)
  • The End of Heavy Armour, Marcel HENDRIKS VETTEHEN (Energie voor Inzet)
  • Cooling People, Not Places, Andy BUXTON, Jill BUXTON (Sleepbreeze)
  • Solar Energy from Space, Aleksander ZIDANŠEK (Josef Stefan International PGS)
  • MBDA is Building a Munitions Demilitarization Capability in France, Sébastien LUCAS (MBDA)
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