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Work on Cyber Ranges Initiated

On 30 May, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Finland, and the Netherlands signed a letter of intent to work towards the Pooling & Sharing of available and future resources for cyber defence training, exercise and testing. The project, called cyber ranges, aims at maintaining and improving cyber resilience as well as the levels of awareness, insight and expertise of personnel Member States. 
By signing the letter of intent, the Member States confirmed to participate and cooperate in the development of a Common Staff Target which will for example determine the functional requirements for cyber ranges. These requirements will have to be agreed by the EDA Steering Board at a later stage. The initiative on cyber ranges has also been recommended by the recently presented EDA cyber defence landscaping study as a viable opportunity with respect to the practical implementation of Pooling and Sharing.
Cyber ranges are multipurpose environments supporting three primary process: knowledge development, assurance and dissemination. Under the Pooling & Sharing initiative, cyber ranges may consist of three complementary functionality packages: Cyber Research Range, Cyber Simulation & Test Range as well as Cyber Training & Exercise Range. 


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