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EU US Defence Data 2011

EDA has compared the 2011 defence expenditure of its participating Member States with that of the United States for the same year. The data show that the US spent €503 billion on defence in 2011 compared to €193 billion spent in the EU: around 2,5 times more.

In 2011, the governments of the 26 EDA pMS spent a total of €193 billion on defence. The US spent the equivalent of €503 billion (or $699 billion). Between 2006 and 2008 the aggregated defence expenditure of the 26 EDA pMS has been about half that of the US. During the years 2009-2011 this difference increased. While the EU aggregated defence expenditure decreased from €201 billion in 2008 to €193 billion in 2011, US expenditure increased from €416 billion ($612 billion) to €503 billion in the same period.  Comparing defence spending with other macroeconomic data, in 2011 US defence expenditure represented 4.7% of GDP and 11.2% of overall government expenditure. In the EU these ratios were, respectively, 1.6% and 3.2%. As for defence expenditure in relation to the total population, the US spent €1 610 ($2 242) per capita in 2011, while the EU spent on average €387. 

The EU data represent spending of 26 EDA participating Member States (all EU Member States except Denmark and Croatia which joined the EU on 1 July 2013). The US data are based on public sources, mainly US Government publications. Data on GDP, General Government Expenditure, Population and Euro/US Dollar exchange rates were collected from Eurostat.

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