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EATT14: Final Results and Plans for 2015

The final figures from the European Air Transport Training 2014 (EATT14) have now been released. Over the course of the two week training more than 100 sorties were flown accounting for 150 flying hours, 40 tons of cargo were dropped as well as over 100 paratroopers.

EATT14 was the largest training to date, with 460+ participants, 19 crews, and 10 transport aircraft of 5 different types, coming from 10 different countries. Organised by the European Defence Agency (EDA) in close cooperation with the EATC and the host nation Bulgaria, EATT remains the only dedicated multinational European airlift training.The missions targeted different training objectives tailored to the needs of the participating countries.

Building for 2015

After the success of EATT14, Portugal and the United Kingdom will join the next event to be held in Portugal in 2015 (EATT 15).

EATT 15 in Portugal is one of four planned activities that will take place under the within the framework of the European Air Transport Fleet (EATF) partnership in 2015. Two editions of the European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course (EAATTC) will be held, the first in Spain and the second in Bulgaria, while another event focusing on formation flying will be held in France.

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