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EDA releases 2014 annual report

The European Defence Agency has just released its 2014 annual report. The document highlights the Agency’s achievements during the past year and showcases the progress made on key programmes and projects.

Working on the taskings set by the December 2013 European Council, where Heads of State and Government addressed defence issues, the European Defence Agency has made significant progress on the four key capability programmes identified by Member States. It also developed innovative proposals to incentivise and promote cooperation, while maintaining its efforts in multiple domains such as training and exercises, standardisation or research & technology.


The Agency’s annual report aims to provide EDA’s stakeholders with a clear and transparent overview of its activities in the field of capability development, armament cooperation, research and technology, industry and market as well as coordination with other European institutions and partners. The document also includes updated facts and figures on the Agency’s activity in 2014.

The 2014 annual report is available for download here.