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Jorge Domecq meets German Secretary of State

Jorge Domecq, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency (EDA), visited Germany on 17 March 2015 to to discuss Germany’s involvement in projects of the European Defence Agency, support to defence industry as well as preparation of the European Council on defence issues in June 2015. 

During the visit Jorge Domecq met with Karin Suder, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence as well as senior Federal Foreign Office and Federal Ministry of Defence officials and representatives of the German Federation of Security and Defence Industries. The main topic addressed was the preparation of the  Heads of State and Government discussion on defence in June 2015.

“The European Defence Agency is committed to providing the best possible input for the discussions on defence by Heads of State and Government in June this year. In the current context, we need a strong defence in Europe, which means more cooperation and a robust defence industry. We are working with all Member States on capability development, incentives for cooperation and support to European industry. Today’s discussions highlighted the role of the European defence industry as regards our overall economic performance, our continued ability to develop the capabilities of the future and our technological strategic autonomy”, Jorge Domecq said after the meetings in Berlin.

The meetings in Brussels are part of a tour to all EDA Member States by Jorge Domecq following his appointment as EDA Chief Executive and ahead of the European Council in June.

(c) Picture: Bundeswehr/Grauwinkel

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