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Exchange of views with Slovak Minister of Defence

Jorge Domecq, EDA Chief Executive, today met with Martin Glváč, Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, to exchange views on the preparation of the European Council in June 2015 and Slovakia’s participation in EDA projects.

The Slovak Chief of Defence stated that Slovakia and the Ministry of Defence were ready to support EDA’s intentions and reinforce present cooperation. „We will support your initiatives. I think we should begin with smaller projects and then move to the bigger ones,“ said Minister of Defence Martin Glváč. He also noted that in V4 countries one of the problems with closer cooperation is that V4 countries were for too long aiming in different directions. „This is the main problem why we sometimes have difficulties to unite our development programmes“, he stated.

He also informed the EDA Chief Executive about current defence modernisation projects, which until now covered mainly air forces. „Our task now is to continue with modernisation of land forces, where we would like to focus on 4x4 and 8x8 vehicles“, he said. He also noted that Slovak defence companies are awakening. „A good example are our military repair facilities, which we leased to our strategic partners so they can offer their products further“, said Minister of Defence Martin Glváč.

“The Agency’s main tasks are to support Member States in their efforts to improve defence capabilities, to encourage cooperative R&T, to support the national defence industries and to ensure that military views are taken into account in wider EU policies. The Agency clearly is at the service of Member States and our support corresponds to their level of ambitions. We welcome the active participation of the Slovak Republic in countering improvised explosive devices; the harmonisation of the Single European Sky and works on airworthiness and standardisation topics. We hope this engagement will increase in the near future”, said Jorge Domecq during the visit in Bratislava.

The discussion is part of a series of visits by Mr. Domecq to all EDA Member States following his appointment as EDA Chief Executive. So far, Mr. Domecq visited Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden and Italy.

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