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EDA hosts SES/SESAR Military Implementation Forum

On 22 September, the European Defence Agency (EDA) hosted the 7th edition of the SES/SESAR Military Implementation Forum, bringing together the top management of the European Commission, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Eurocontrol, the SESAR Joint Undertaking, the SESAR Deployment Manager, NATO and of the defence community. They addressed the following challenges: What is the foreseeable evolution of military aviation and airspace usage over the next two decades? How to accommodate the military vision in the aviation regulatory and operational environment? How are military interests taken into account in SESAR? 

Jorge Domecq, the Chief Executive of the EDA, underlined that SES/SESAR is one of his top priorities: “EDA’s role is twofold: first, bridging the military with the Commission and EASA; second, developing incentives and solutions to engage the military. Let me also insist on the close cooperation with NATO on this issue.” 

The following issues have been in particular highlighted during the discussion: on the regulatory part, EASA would actively interact with the military. Given there is a clear trend towards digitalisation and connectivity, cyber-security should be at the heart of the community's attention.  Through a total aviation approach, aviation related issues should be embraced in a systematic and consistent manner.

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