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EDA to offer new C-IED application for improved situational awareness

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) capabilities, the European Defence Agency (EDA) will shortly share a new C-IED tool with its participating Member States.

Under the umbrella of the existing Framework Cooperation Agreement with the C-IED Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Madrid/Spain, a new ‘Counter-IEDs analyst Interagency Unclassified Situational Awareness Tool’ (C-IUSAT) will soon enter into service in order to promote information sharing between C-IED operators. The application is expected to be released in December 2016.

The tool will help users to gain a better situational understanding by projecting, with several degrees of probability, the next actions that the enemy or other threat elements are likely to carry out. Thereby, further exchanges of information between military and other involved agents such as host nations, Law Enforcement, governments, NGOs, private companies, etc. can be ensured.

C-IUSAT will be a common information exchange tool, with restricted access, available to different services/agencies and private organizations. It will help them to collect information, show it on maps and generate models which can subsequently identify expected paths or ways of action.

C-IUSAT will be a web based tool, accessible by PC or mobile phone. It stores its own map data which can be used to generate different data layers for various events/activities/sources thereby enhancing situational awareness.

A meeting will be organized at the EDA in early 2017 to proceed with a live demonstration of the tool’s main features.


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