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GeohuB: Successful Training and Operational Field Trial concluded at EUNAVFOR MED Operation SOPHIA HQ

Geographic Information to Support decision Making in Operations (GISMO) is a cooperative project between the European Defence Agency and the European Satellite Centre and  involves the European Military Staff, the Multinational Geospatial Support Group and Member States. The main output from the project is a geospatial information management capability called GeohuB.   GeohuB was first demonstrated in 2016 and has now been successfully implemented at the Operational Headquarter (OHQ) in Rome in support of the EUNAVFOR MED Operation SOPHIA.

The availability of Geospatial Information (GI) is a key requirement to ensure effective planning, conduct of operations and support to decision-making. The GISMO project, initiated jointly by EDA and EU SATCEN, is addressing this requirement.  The GeohuB tool was initially deployed in a standalone capacity in the EUNAVFOR MED Operation SOPHIA Operational Headquarters in Rome. Early in 2017 the tool was successfully installed into the Operation Sophia Classified Mission Network.  

In February 2017 a Training and Operational Field Trial (OFT) was conducted within the OHQ with the objective of assessing the maturity and the operational value of the GeohuB tool and associated GI management capability.  The availability to all staff of geographic-based information was easily accessible through web services in the Classified Mission Network.  Such GI access enables improved shared situational awareness and to inform the decision making process within the OHQ.

The intuitive and user friendly access to the GI provided by the GISMO GeohuB facilitated the access to shared information by both expert and non-expert GI users in the OHQ. CJ2 and JOC products were produced using the GeohuB during the OFT, with higher value for the CJ Staff.   Looking to the future, based on this successful OFT and associated training, the project will now transition the GeohuB to a Fielded Initial Operating Capability with the long term objective being to provide a Full Geographic Information System Capability within EU-led Missions and Operations.

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