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EU announces Action Plan on Military Mobility

Facilitating the movement of military troops and assets is essential for the security of European citizens, as identified in the November 2017 Joint Communication on improving military mobility in the EU and called for in the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy. Today the High Representative & Head of the European Defence Agency and the European Commission announced an Action Plan on military mobility, based on the European Defence Agency’s Roadmap, identifying a series of operational measures to tackle physical, procedural or regulatory barriers which hamper military mobility. Working closely with the EU Member States and all relevant actors will be key for the implementation of this Action Plan.

Successful EDA projects such as the EU Multimodal Transport Hub and the Diplomatic Clearances initiative for military air transport demonstrated the advantages of a coordinated European approach to military movement. What was missing was a consistent approach allowing military personnel and equipment to cross borders swiftly and smoothly. The EDA’s Roadmap formed the basis of the EU’s Action Plan, and the Agency looks forward to being one of the key actors of its implementation”, said Jorge Domecq, EDA Chief Executive.

The Commission, the European External Action Service and the European Defence Agency will work in close coordination with the Member States for the effective implementation of these actions. They will be carried out in full respect of the sovereignty of Member States over their national territory and national decision-making processes. Coordination with efforts under the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and the separate PESCO project on military mobility will equally be ensured. Cooperation and consultation with NATO on issues of military mobility will be further pursued in the framework of the implementation of the Joint Declaration to ensure coherence and synergies.

The Action Plan is submitted to the EU Member States for consideration and endorsement. The first actions are expected to be carried out in the coming months.

A first progress report on the implementation of this Action Plan will be presented to the Member States by summer 2019. 

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