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CYBER PHALANX 2018 to enhance cyber resilience of CSDP missions

The European Defence Agency (EDA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Austria and the Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC), will organize next week CYBER PHALANX 2018, a combined cyber course & exercise designed to train military planners and staff of CSDP missions and operations to better cope with cyber threats.

Cyber Phalanx 2018To be held from 4-8 June in Wals-Siezenheim near Salzburg (Austria), CYBER PHALANX 2018 aims to strengthen both Member States’ and the EU’s resilience against cyber threats in the context of CSDP operations and missions. A particular focus will be put on cyber defence decision-making and planning processes. 

The combined course/exercise will allow staff and planners from Operational Headquarters (OHQ), Force Headquarters (FHQ) or Mission Headquarters (MHQ) to better understand the crucial importance of cyber situational awareness in missions and operations, to enhance cyber resilience, to increase interoperability and to cope with concrete cyber threats.  It will also help them to get familiar with existing European structures and cyber stakeholders and their respective roles. 

Practically speaking, CYBER PHALANX 2018 will take the format of a Command Post Exercise (CPX) containing elements of a Table Top Exercise (TTX). Both the course and the exercise concept will be continuously adapted and refined with lessons learned as they unfold.