What we do BG

To implement the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty (Art.42 TEU), this Joint Action was first replaced by a  Council Decision on 12 July 2011 which was revised by Council decision (CFSP) 2015/1835 of 12 October 2015 on the statute, seat and operational rules of the EDA.

The European Defence Agency, within the overall mission set out in the before-mentioned Council decision, has three main missions:

  • supporting the development of defence capabilities and military cooperation among the European Union Member States;

  • stimulating defence Research and Technology (R&T) and strengthening the European defence industry;

  • acting as a military interface to EU policies.

EDA acts as a catalyst, promotes collaborations, launches new initiatives and introduces solutions to improve defence capabilities. It is the place where Member States willing to develop capabilities in cooperation do so. It is also a key facilitator in developing the capabilities necessary to underpin the Common Security and Defence Policy of the Union.

Long Term Review

Following EDA’s Long Term Review carried out in 2016-2017, Ministers agreed in May 2017 to reinforce the Agency’s mission along the following paths, in accordance with established EDA rules and procedures:

  • EDA as the major intergovernmental prioritisation instrument at EU level in support of capability development, coordinating with the EEAS (incl. EUMS) and EUMC in their respective areas of responsibility.

  • EDA as the preferred cooperation forum and management support structure at EU level for participating Member States to engage in technology and capability development activities.

  • EDA as facilitator towards the European Commission and EU Agencies, and as the interface upon Member States’ request, exploiting wider EU policies to the benefit of Defence and acting as a central operator with regard to EU funded defence-related activities.

EDA’s Long Term Review conclusions and recommendations are available here.