Mission accomplished

HB18 delivered on its promise: foster cooperation and interoperability by enabling flying crews and ground personnel to train together in hot, mountainous and dusty conditions. Composite Air Operations (COMAO) missions were flown with rotating Mission Commanders and Electronic Warfare teams on the ground. HB18 also allowed national trainers among the participants to expand their skills in life firing, Forward Arming and Refuelling Procedures (FARP), MEDEVAC or training with special operations forces. Best practices gathered from the eleven previous exercises and EDA’s HEP Standard Operating Procedures helped to further standardise planning and tactical processes among participating crews.

Next appointment of EDA’s ‘BLADE’ exercise: DARK BLADE 2019, in the Czech Republic.

  • Distinguished visitors: Portugal’s Defence Minister, José Alberto de Azeredo Lopes, and the Chief of Air Force, General Manuel Teixeira Rolo