The aim is to provide a common and solid knowledge for the whole staffs of Operational Headquarters (OHQs) regarding cyber threats, international rules applicable to cyberspace, best practices on IT security and the EU concept on cyber defence in EU-led military operations and missions. Cyber awareness seminars were provided several times a year to EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia staffs at the Rome OHQ from 2015 until 2017. Before that, similar training activities were provided to the staffs of the EU military operation in the Central African Republic (EUFOR RCA) based in the Larissa OHQ (summer 2014). Today, EDA continues to offer one-day seminars to OHQ staffs, be it for national or multinational missions and operations based on OHQ requests.  

Currently, the Agency is also setting up a cyber awareness ‘train-the-trainer’ pilot course for cyber awareness professionals which is scheduled to be launched later this year under the lead of Germany. The idea of this course is to standardise education approaches in this domain and to set up a European network of equally trained and interoperable cyber awareness professionals in Member States’ Armed Forces.

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