EDA is a small organisation with some 140 dedicated staff members from all across Europe. Experts from civilian and military backgrounds work side-by-side in multidisciplinary teams. Learn more about your future colleagues and the way we work at EDA by clicking the profiles here below.


EDA provides the perfect environment for innovative ideas to grow: a great multidisciplinary team, a culture that fosters initiative and excellent networks of experts from all Member States. Innovative projects, such as the one on 3D-printing in defence, are only possible in EDA, a truly European work place.


Project Officer European Defence Research

Working at EDA is at once challenging and satisfying. Strengthening European defence cooperation at a time of heightened international tensions around the world is an urgent priority for the EU, and undertaking this important task together with outstanding colleagues from across Europe is a privilege. Professionally, working at EDA also closes a circle that began with my doctoral dissertation research on European cross-border defence industry collaboration many years ago. This was followed by work in the area of defence policy analysis and research at think-tanks and universities in Europe and the United States, which eventually led me to my current position in the Agency’s Strategy and Policy Unit.

Jan Joel

Policy Officer Strategy & Policy

I stopped flying a year ago to join EDA. I’ve never regretted it! I am now a member of a team facilitating the integration of military Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in the European airspace. The number of civil and military RPAS operations is growing so fast that covering all aspects for a safe integration is a real challenge: regulation, standards, technology… EDA is a pioneer in RPAS activities and joining this team is a great experience.


Project Officer Certification and ATM Research

After 20 years at the French Ministry of Defence, I wanted to engage in a professional challenge that would build on my experience and give me the opportunity to directly contribute to the development of European defence. I have been with EDA for four years now and it has been an incredible journey so far, not always easy but with the sentiment to progress in the right direction. Assisting Member States in developing cooperative projects requires flexibility, listening skills and a solid optimistic attitude, but every step towards more cooperation is a reward. The EDA team is genuinely outstanding, a powerful mix of nationalities, background and expertise eager to assist the Member States willing to cooperate. Working on a daily basis in this international environment is an eye and mind opener, a fantastic experience opening wide (and existing!) perspectives for the next steps of my professional and personal life.


Deputy Director and Head of Unit Air Domain

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