One of the principle roles of the CapTech is the identification of technology gaps and common areas of interest for cooperation. This is facilitated by the Overarching Strategic Research Agenda (OSRA), a document providing a shared vision of the most important technical challenges to be researched at European level within the CapTech area. 

In total there are 13 CapTechs and one working group, located in the Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) Directorate. The CapTech membership is drawn from governmental organisations, research and technology organisations (RTOs), industry, academia, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Each CapTech has a moderator appointed by the EDA who organises and chairs the meetings and who is responsible for the day to day activities of the CapTech. 

List of CapTechs

  1. CapTech Technologies, Components and Modules
  2. CapTech Radio Frequency Sensors Technologies
  3. CapTech Electro Optical Sensors Technologies
  4. CapTech Communication Information Systems and Networks
  5. CapTech Materials and Structures
  6. CapTech Ammunition Technologies
  7. CapTech Air
  8. CapTech Ground Systems
  9. CapTech Guidance, Navigation and Control
  10. CapTech Maritime
  11. CapTech Experimentation, System of Systems, Space, Battlelab and Modelling & Simulation
  12. CapTech CBRN and Human Factors