What we do BG

The Agency’s main expert groups are the Project Teams (PTs) in the capability development domain, and the Capability Technology Groups (CapTechs) in the research & technology domain.

Additionally, ad hoc working groups comprised of national experts can be formed for any given subject. There are also specific thematic fora - such as for example the EDA/Single European Sky Military Aviation Board (ESMAB) or EDA’s Military Airworthiness Authority (MAWA) Forum – as well as specific advisory forums or task forces that can be set up if participating Member States wish so.

Project Teams (PTs)  

Project Teams bring together experts from the participating Member States in a specific capability area in order to identify potential fields of cooperation, assess the feasibility of cooperative activities and harmonise military needs by elaborating a Common Staff Target (CST).

Common Staff Requirements (CSR) and associated Business Cases (BC) are drafted within the framework of a dedicated Category B project during the “Programme Preparation Phase” bringing together the Member States ready to invest in the subsequent development/production phases.

Project Teams elaborate relevant documents (such as Letter of Intent, Technical Arrangements or Programme Arrangement, Strategic Context Cases, etc.).

Project Teams are chaired by a national representative appointed by the team members who may also decide to create specific Working Groups on topics of special interest.

EDA usually acts as Secretariat for the Project Teams.  

Capability Technology Groups (CapTechs)  

A Capability Technology Group (“CapTech”) is a Research & Technology working group dedicated to a particular technology area. The purpose of a CapTech is to generate collaborative R&T projects within a specific technology scope, and to support EDA participating Member States with necessary expertise when required in preparing wider programmes.

To date, 13 CapTechs have been established by the Steering Board.

The core task of a CapTech is to gather advice from Member States’ experts in order to identify technology gaps and common areas of interest for cooperation. Non-governmental experts are also part of the discussion group, contributing with ideas and the most up-todate technology trends.

The main objective of the CapTech is to launch collaborative R&T projects to fulfil participating Member States’ needs.

CapTechs are chaired by an EDA staff acting as moderator. Each CapTech uses a dedicated ECP Work Space to share information and to maintain interaction between EDA and the participating Member States, including the CapTech National Coordinators (CNCs), the CapTech Government Experts (CGE5) and the CapTech non-Government Experts (CnGEs).