The ISE Directorate facilitates work to address the implications of EU legislation and policies for the defence sector: REACH, procurement, funding instruments and the analysis of developments influencing governmental and industrial stakeholders.

In the wider context of military aviation, the Directorate facilitates the coordination of military views from and in support of Member States and the relevant international military organisations in the framework of Single European Sky (SES) and acts as the interface with the EU institutions and related bodies.  The Directorate supports Member States in their efforts to enable RPAS integration in non-segregated airspace and in harmonising military aviation safety issues using a progressive introduction of total system approach to military aviation and also addressing the aviation cyber aspects.

The ISE Directorate is responsible for activities on critical enablers to support defence cooperation and enhance interoperability: military airworthiness, standardisation and certification, defence test & evaluation and education and training. The Directorate provides support to CSDP military and civilian operations and missions as well as Member States using all existing EDA instruments cross-directorates.

The ISE Directorate comprises four Units:

  • The Industry Strategy & EU Policies (ISP) Unit: engagement of industry in the activities of the Agency, determination of Key Strategic Activities at EU level, defence aspects of EU policies varying from legislation (REACH, procurement) to funding instruments
  • The Critical Enablers (CRE) Unit: supports defence cooperation and enhances interoperability through the identification, development and maintenance of harmonised safety, certification and standardisation requirements, references to the best practice standards and networking of Defence Test & Evaluation capabilities in all military domains
  • The Single European Sky (SES) Unit: facilitation andcoordination of military views in the framework of SES; interface with the EU institutions and related bodies to ensure that military aviation will continue to provide and further improve effective security and defence in Europe in the changing context of the civil aviation sector
  • The Operations, Training & Exercises (OTE) Unit: promotion of the use in CSDP operations of all relevant EDA projects & programmes; development and management of contracted solutions to support CSDP operations and Member States in areas such as satellite communications and CIS, aero medical evacuation, management of human resources; initiation, development and management of training and exercise activities for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, including RPAS.