Technology Watch is an organised and structured system aimed at disseminating and exploiting useful technical information among the relevant community of experts, to keep them updated in the evolution of a given technological domain.

Technology Foresight provides a framework to think about the possible futures in a structured and constructive way. Technology foresight is not about predicting a pre-determined future, but about exploring how the future might evolve in different ways, depending on the actions and decisions taken today.

EDA Technology Watch & Foresight activities address questions such as: What worldwide scientific developments could impact defence and security in the future? How do we ensure awareness to emerging scientific developments? How do we exploit new technology and thinking to overcome our current challenges?

To support these activities, EDA has a network of experts on Technology Watch and Foresight from all around Europe. The objective of this community is to exchange and discuss new methodologies and tools, best practices and lessons learned to improve the R&T planning process.

The detailed description of the EDA Technology Watch activity can be found here, and of the Technology Foresight activities here.