What is U-Space

Currently, this vision has been widened: U-Space is an “ecosystem” facilitating a Safe and Secure Integration of drones. U-Space is a full system including services but also dependencies, data repository, data flows and which requires minimum performances. U-Space is a civilian development.

Why an EDA study on U-Space With the inevitable increase in drones operating at low altitude in the coming years, early engagement of the Military with all airspace users and Authorities involved is paramount to avoid negative implications on Safety, Security, and Defence. Indeed, this low-level airspace is regularly used by Military aircraft for operations and training and therefore U-Space airspace requirements shall guarantee that those military activities will be ensured in a safe and secured manner. In considering the implementation of the U-Space, the key objectives for the Military are:  
  • To maintain the level of Safety for Military (low-level) operations, to preserve operational effectiveness and to protect Search and Rescue operations.
  • To guarantee the Security of (Military) infrastructures, assets and operations.
  • To quantify the financial impacts of U-Space implementation on the Military and to secure the necessary funding to maintain safety, guarantee security and ensure interoperability.
  • Link to the 2019 White paper on U-Space by SEC UAS Integration.

Objective of the study

U-space services should be deeply analysed from the military perspective to ensure future military seamless operations.

The “normal/nominal scenario*” is the core of this study:

  • How to use U-Space when needed?
  • How not to use U-Space when wanted?

Understanding the nominal operations in a U-Space “eco-system” is a prerequisite for the Military to collaborate at the U-Space concept development. The objective of the study is to contribute to an efficient civil-military collaboration in the framework of U-Space by facilitating and supporting the military engagement in this context. Defined as the situation when all users respect the “rules” of U-Space.

Timeline and Deliverables

  • 8 JAN 2021KoM - first specific contract.
  • Q1 2021/updated Q3 2022: D1 “U-Space Evaluation”  -  The D1 deliverable is a living document which will be updated at regular interval, in function of U-Space developments/implementations.
  • Q2 2021/updated Q3 2022D2 "CBA" - The D2 deliverable is a living document which will be updated at regular interval; here is a summary of D2 content.
  • Q4 2021: Dissemination workshop on 9th Nov 2021: Presentations are available.
  • Final report: The final report of the initial phase of the study “Military and U-Space: guidelines” is available here. This deliverable will be updated at regular interval up to end 2024.
  • Common Military Position on U-Space: to come soon.

Follow-up of the U-Space study – second specific contract

During the 2022-2024 timeframe, the deliverables of the U-Space study will be updated according the development/implementation of U-Space.

Timeline and Deliverables – third specific contract

  • 13 JUL 2022: KoM – third specific contract. The 9-month study will further investigate the e-Conspicuity and the Dynamic airspace reconfiguration. The final deliverable is expected in April 2023.

Your participation

A Stakeholder Consultation Group is settled to review the different deliverables of the study.