Candidates must submit their application electronically solely via the EDA website. For this, candidates must have a valid e-mail address and create an account. Applications by any other means (hard copy or ordinary e-mail) will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted no later than midnight (Brussels time, GMT+1) on the date of the deadline. The duties, eligibility and selection criteria for each position are set out in the corresponding vacancy notice. In order to be considered in the selection process, candidates for a Seconded National Expert post must be sponsored by their national authorities. Confirmation is required in the form of a letter of sponsorship addressed to the Agency as far as possible by the closing date for the receipt of applications; and in any case not later than the recruitment date.

Selection panel

For each post, the Chief Executive nominates a selection panel, which consists of a chairman (usually the Director of the recruiting Directorate), a member from outside the relevant Directorate or from outside the Agency and a representative from the HR Unit.

The Agency makes every effort to ensure that the panel is comprised of members of both genders.

Applications screening

Each application is screened based on the requirements of the job profile stated in the vacancy notice. The most suitable applicants are called for an interview and a written test.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to furnish evidence of their eligibility.

All candidates will be notified by e-mail about the result of the screening.

Interviews and written tests

As an indication, the interview will last around 45 minutes. The pattern of the interview will be the same for all candidates. The interviews are held in English. English mother tongue candidates will be assessed on their knowledge of the second EU language indicated in their application during the interview.

Written tests take place on the same day as the interview, to assess some of the competencies indicated in the vacancy notice under the essential and advantageous criteria.

Candidates may be requested to give a short presentation to the selection panel on a topic related to the job at hand.

Decision and information to candidates

On completion of its proceedings, the selection panel draws up conclusions regarding the suitability of candidates. Based on the conclusions of the selection panel, the AACC decides on the establishment of the reserve list and appoints a suitable candidate to the vacant position. Non-appointed suitable candidates will remain on the reserve list until its expiry date.

During the validity of the reserve list, successful candidates may be offered a post in the EDA according to their competences in relation to the specific requirements of the vacant post. Inclusion on the reserve list does not imply any entitlement of employment in the Agency.

All candidates will be informed individually by e-mail of the decision regarding their application or the result of their interview.

Obligation of confidentiality

All participants to the selection process shall, at all times, comply with the principle of confidentiality. In particular, they shall not release, within or outside the Agency, any information about the candidates or the selection exercise.

Please note that the selection committee's internal proceedings are strictly secret and that any contact with its members is forbidden.

Requests for review and appeal procedure

Applicants who consider that their interests have been prejudiced by any decision related to the selection procedure are invited to refer to the “request for review and appeal procedure” section of the FAQs.

Selection of senior management staff

The Steering Board appoints the Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive on a proposal from the Head of the Agency. The Head of the Agency appoints the four Directors upon a proposal from the Chief Executive and following consultation with the Steering Board.


Important disclaimer: all of the rules and figures presented in this website are for information purposes only. Rights can only be derived from the Staff Regulations and corresponding implementing rules. The exact financial conditions of employment may be determined only case by case.