End-user workshop of the HDR-HF Programme - 9 February

  • 09 February 2012 to 09 February 2012
  • Colombes FRANCE
  • 07:00 - 17:00

High Frequency (HF) communication links often represent a bottleneck in military networks, with a great impact on the user Quality of Service (QoS). The aim of the EDA project “High Data Rate Technology for High Frequency Communication (HDR-HF)” is to propose and demonstrate a solution for efficient Very High Data Rate (VHDR:  ³ 64 kbps) military communications over the HF channel. This way, HF radios can be used to transmit standard multimedia (audio, image) and data (web browsing, email, file transfer) applications through the internet, in a way that is completely transparent for the end-user.

This work was partially funded by the Walloon region and the German and French Ministries of Defence, and contracted by the European Defence Agency (EDA), in the framework of the IAP4 Captech.

The consortium is composed of five partners, from three countries: THALES Communications and Security (TCS), France; THALES Belgium SA (TBE), Belgium; FRAUNHOFER Institute for Integrated Circuits (FhG IIS), Germany; UCL and MULTITEL (MULT), Belgium.

End-users of military HF radios and research and technology entities having an interest in military HF communication systems, are kindly invited to participate to the end-user workshop of the HDR-HF Programme which will take place at Thales Communications and Security premises, in Colombes, France, on February 09th, 2012.

The project team will present the architecture of the technical solution and make a live and interactive demonstration of the system capabilities on a real ionospheric link, between the two Thales sites of Colombes, France and Tubize, Belgium. They also expect feedback on the relevance of the proposed solution with regard to military requirements and real operational scenarios.

Check the leaflet for further details.