ESA / EDA 3rd User/Stakeholder Workshop on Unmanned Aircraft System

  • 08 March 2012 to 08 March 2012
  • 07:00 - 15:00

EDA and ESA have joined forces to demonstrate that technological challenges in Command and Control/Air Traffic Control can be overcome through the use of satellite services. This initiative resulted in two parallel feasibility studies on “Satellite Services for the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into European Airspace” – IDEAS (for EDA) and SINUE (for ESA) successfully completed in 2010.

The first ESA/EDA workshop held in 2009 laid the foundations for the shaping of a common scope for cooperation in the field of C2/ATC while the second one was an opportunity to familiarise the stakeholders with ESA’s and EDA’s coordinated activities on satellite services for UAS and follow the progress of the common work.

Based on the conclusions and recommendations of the workshops and of the finalised feasibility studies, the Agencies continue the cooperation in the undertaking of a common demonstration project to be started in 2012. The Project Arrangement was signed in Paris on the 15 December 2011 and represents the first jointly funded activity since the entry into force of the Administrative Arrangement between EDA and ESA. The project aims at demonstrating the benefits of space for UAS-based services and for the safe insertion of UAS in non-segregated airspace.

Date: 08 March 2012.

Location: ESA Redu Centre, Redu/Belgium.

Audience: ESA and EDA (participating) Member States, users, service providers, technology providers and policy makers who are willing to get informed and involved in the UAS domain.

Contact: Beatrice Barresi (ESA) - Telephone: +31 71 56 55071; Email:

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