Workshop on Operational Requirements and Scenarios for Soldier Health Monitoring Systems

  • 08 March 2012 to 08 March 2012
  • Brussels BELGIUM
  • 07:00 - 15:00

The first workshop of EDA-funded study Bio Sensor Information Demonstrator will take place on 8 March 2012, at the EDA. This workshop is to define Operational Requirements and Scenarios for Health Monitoring Systems for soldiers.

The aim of the study “Bio Sensor Information Demonstrator” is to investigate the operational requirements and relevant physiological parameters to characterize the soldier’s health status, and to identify possible sensor solutions. Based on tests of a representative demonstrator, results will conclude on requirements for integration in soldier’s communication systems.

The individual soldier physiological status is of vital importance in operations. It is the result of personal characteristics, basic training, condition, nutrition, temperature, climate, clothing, and physical load. The knowledge of the health status can be used to assess the ability to perform a task and the need for recovery or medical treatment. Such a system would also be used for training and evaluation of personal equipment etc. In order to operate in a soldier environment, this system shall be small, low weight and integrated in the C4I modules of soldier’s equipment.

The Study Bio Sensor Information Demonstrator is both closely linked to the Project Team “Soldier Systems” and to the EDA project “Combat Equipment Dismounted Soldier” (CEDS).