European Armament Cooperation Course

The European Armament Cooperation (EAC) Course is an initiative driven by Austria, EDA and the ESDC (European Security and Defense College) to provide opportunity to create a network of people and alumni working in the Armaments Cooperation.  


Aim of the Course

The aim of the European Armament Cooperation Course is to enhance mutual understanding in issues related to armament cooperation by:

  • delivering awareness on the state of the art in Armaments Cooperation;
  • identifying the frameworks, stakeholders tools and processes; and
  • understanding the challenges at stake and benefits of Armaments Cooperation at an EU level.


Expected Benefits from the Course

  • Sharing and promoting principles of armament cooperation within the European context;
  • Recognizing the relevance of European armament cooperation and networking with the various actors in the field;
  • Subscribing to European armament cooperation within the context of Common Security and CSDP and contributes to its further improvement;
  • Encouraging Nations to progress Armaments Cooperation through EDA.


The course addresses personnel earmarked for or working in national and international armament cooperation who need to gain knowledge and experience in acquisition and project management as well as personnel needing knowledge on armament cooperation in order to achieve future leadership positions in the wider defence area.

The course is divided into an Awareness Level Course, which consists of a three‐day residential course in  Brussels from 23 to 25 October 2012, followed by a five‐day Expert Level Course which will be convened from 19 to 23 November 2012 in Austria.


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