Third Helicopter Tactics Symposium

The third Helicopter Tactics Symposium will take place from 19 to 21 November in Luxembourg. The symposium is an integral part of the Helicopter Exercise Programme. 40 participants from 16 Member States (AT, BE, BG, CZ, DE, ES, EE,  FI, FR, HU, IT, LU, NL, PT, SE, UK) and additional guests from New Zeeland and the Joint Air Power Competence Centre are expected. 

The symposium is a forum to discuss operational related helicopter issues, main focus is on the Lessons Identified (LI) and Lessons Learned out of the EDA HEP Helicopter Exercises.

This symposium forms an integral part of the Helicopter Training Programme and is designed to allow our helicopter crews to share experiences, gain knowledge of the current threats they face and to discuss the tactics, techniques and procedures that will help mitigate the risks and successfully complete their mission.  It will also help shape the aims and content of future EDA exercises to ensure that they remain relevant to the reality of current operations and address the needs of the pMS.

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the symposium are:

  • HB 12/GB 12 LI/LL
  • Maritime deployment CH53 and NH90
  • Training for helicopter contingency operations ISAF
  • Air Advisory Team pre-deployment training for ISAF
  • Risk management for helicopter missions
  • Introduction of CH-47F
  • Crew survival and personnel equipment under desert conditions

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