Workshop on Future Global Context – Threats & Challenges

With the workshop Future Global Context – Threats and Challenges, EDA is preparing the next step within its work on Future Global Context. The workshop will take place at the EDA premises, from 19 Nov 13:00 hrs. to 20 Nov 2012 17:00 hrs.

The main focus of the workshop is to brainstorm ideas for the future potential opponents (the ‘Threats’) and future potential environment (the ‘Challenges’).

The aim is to provide a basis for the framework ambition and scope – of following steps, especially regarding the ‘war game’/‘role play’.

The workshop is open only to EDA pMS experts from MoD and national research laboratories relevant to the topics and relevant experts from the European Commission.

Registration to this workshop is requested by 05 November ( For additional information, please feel free to contact