Press Briefing: EDA Cyber Defence Capabilities Stocktaking

  • 24 May 2013 to 24 May 2013
  • 09:00 - 10:00

The European Defence Agency invites journalists accredited to the EU Institutions to a press briefing on the results of EDA’s stocktaking study of military cyber defence capabilities in the European Union. 20 Member States participated in the study which aimed at establishing a first understanding of the countries’ cyber defence capabilities. Country profiles are classified and will not be made available, however a generic overview of the results can be given at the briefing.

The briefing takes place at the European Defence Agency, Rue des Drapiers 17-21, 1050 Brussels, Friday 24 May 2013, 11 am until 12 am.

Please note that the briefing is open exclusively to the press accredited to the EU Institutions. Interested journalists need to register for this event by writing to communication(a)