Research & Technology Conference 2013: Critical Defence Technologies – Exploring Innovation Together

5 - 6 December 2013, Athens, Greece

Securing the supplies for defence capabilities has become a challenging task for all actors – from defence administrations to industry. Future defence capabilities rely on emerging key enabling and cutting edge technologies, which today often are of “dual-use”.

The requirement of non-limited access and availability makes some of these technologies “defence-critical”, associating the need for joint and coordinated action at national, but also European  level.   The way in which “Critical Space Technologies for Strategic Non-Dependence “ are jointly defined between  the European Commission, European Space Agency and European Defence Agency could serve as a model to make progress in other critical defence technologies.

The 2013  EDA Research & Technology (R&T) Conference aims to look at critical defence technologies from various perspectives. It will give the opportunity to survey Europe’s defence technology and industrial base and identify vulnerabilities that could negatively impact Europe´s production of defence systems. Some specific research areas will be highlighted, and through discussions we expect ideas for future work in this area.  The conference will promote the dissemination and exploitation of results from recent Joint Investment Programmes (JIP). Furthermore we will share our view of future dual-use research (e.g. Horizon 2020), including its funding instruments, and innovative ways of connecting academia, SMEs and industry for future R&T collaboration.

We expect Member States´ decision makers and experts to participate in this conference. Registration will take place through national channels; EDA will send out a communication to the respective points of contact.


The draft programme is available here (EDA RT Conference Programme_7 Nov 2013).


The conference will be held in Hellenic Armed Forces Officers Club Rigillis 1, 10675 Athens, Greece

Conference secretariat

EDA R&T Directorate

Rue des Drapiers, 17-23
1050 Brussels, BELGIUM
Phone: + 32 2 504 2881 or + 32 2 504 2882



Innovation is at the core of defence technology. The European Defence Agency promotes European cooperation in innovative technologies. EURidea is your new forum to pitch novel ideas for defence research.

Research and innovation have a critical role to play in the creation of the next-generation of technologies that will underpin the capabilities for our armed forces. Europe benefits from a leverage effect when innovation is done with partners across the continent. Industry and academics can reduce risks and gain critical mass for innovation when work is conducted between trusted partners across sectors. It is a win-win situation when the best minds work together to tackle major challenges we are facing, now and in the future.

We invite you to propose ideas in critical areas that impact the following three technology areas: 

• Materials and Nano technologies
• Energy, and
• Unmanned systems and technologies, including sensor networks

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