Workshop 'Innovation for Field Medicine'

Following the positive outcomes from a similar event held last year, the workshop "Innovation for Field Mediciane" will be an open forum for national representatives and medical enterprises to share information on present and future capabilities for Medical Support to Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

Under the title “Innovation for Field Medicine” the workshop will in particular address the identification of new and advanced products and services within three main areas:

  • Advancements in pre-Hospital care: Solutions, including those contracted with external providers, to grant the best possible treatment for wounded soldiers from the point of injury to the Field Hospital.
  • Field Hospitals for present and future CSDP Operations: New systems to realise or provide cost-effective solutions for new generations of Field Hospitals, linked to the EDA Multinational Modular Medical Unit (M3U) Programme.
  • Communication and Coordination in Medical Support: Systems and technologies to integrate all components of Medical Support, with a particular focus on Multinational Operations.


The workshop preliminary agenda is available here.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge and it is open to all actors involved in the field of EU Medical Support. Attendees are requested to indicate nationality, date of birth, national ID/passport number and position within their respective company. Due to a potential need to accommodate a large number of attendees in EDA premises, participation could be limited in case of late registration.

To confirm attendance at the workshop please send an email with the required data to, copy to, NLT 15 Sep 15 COB.


Further information may be obtained via EDA Project Officer Medical, Giuseppe AZZENA, ( , tel. +32 2 504 2871)