Cyber Defence Industry Days On Air & Space

  • 07 March 2019 to 08 March 2019
  • 10:00 - 11:00



The European Defence Agency (EDA) is organising on 7 and 8 March 2019 a Cyber Defence Industry Day in Brussels around cyber security challenges in the Air & Space domain. Both domains are affected by rapid technological advances and comprise highly complex systems of systems where appropriate consideration of cyber security risks is essential and challenging at the same time. Furthermore, Air and Space are two domains that are also highly interdependent. The conference will address existing and anticipated challenges and seek to identify potential solutions for improved cyber security and resilience. 

Representatives from the Air & Space industry will be able to meet and exchange with civil and military representatives from EU and international organisations as well as Member States. More information on scheduled speakers are published in the agenda.


Date & location

7 and 8 March 2019 at Eurocontrol Brussels 



The Cyber Defence Industry Day on Air & Space will address the cyber defence and cyber security challenges civil and military stakeholders are and will be facing in an environment that is increasingly growing in complexity. Air & Space are two domains that are intrinsically connected with each other. The dependence on Air assets, e.g. civil/military aircraft, on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for PNT (Position, Navigation, Timing) presents only one example of several applications where the degradation of a service in one of the domains would lead to adverse effects on the other. 

Stakeholders involved in the Air & Space domain are required to ensure a high level of operational capability and reliability. To achieve this, appropriate considerations of cyber security risks and improved resilience of the assets in use is essential. Solutions cannot solely be introduced by technology although they still remain a vital part of the mitigation process. In combination with the correct processes and under consideration of human factors a significant reduction of cyber security risk is achievable. 

With Air & Space, this conference takes two domains that comprise highly complex systems of systems and brings together relevant stakeholders from industry, EU and international organisations as well as Member States to discuss current and future challenges and to identify opportunities for solutions. 


Registration and contact

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For further information, please contact Hannes Alparslan, EDA Project Officer Aviation (, or Mario Beccia, EDA Project Officer Cyber Defence (