Civil – Military Air Traffic Management (ATM) Information Sharing Workshop

  • 01 April 2019 to 02 April 2019
  • 09:00 - 18:00

The European Defence Agency (EDA) in collaboration with EUROCONTROL is organising on 1 and 2 April 2019 a workshop addressing the topic of civil – military ATM Information Sharing in Brussels. Exchange and timely sharing of relevant information between civil and military aviation stakeholders is already successfully implemented in several instances. However, to support the future requirements, driven by the increase in air traffic, more efficient means of information sharing are needed. To achieve this transformation, adaptations on the level of technology, procedures and personnel will be necessary. Interoperability, Security and Data Exchange are key aspects in this scenario.

Participants will be able to meet and discuss with representatives from Member States, civil and military Air Navigation Services Providers and experts from EUROCONTROL, NATO and EDA about current and future challenges to facilitate the support for the way ahead. Scheduled speakers include representatives from EUROCONTROL, EDA, SDM and MUAC.

Date & location

1 and 2 April 2019 at EUROCONTROL in Brussels


The Single European Sky (SES) initiative of the European Commission aims at the modernisation of the current Air Traffic Management system. This is necessary due to the foreseeable increase in air traffic and thus, an increasingly contested airspace. More effective and efficient means to support the SES objectives are required across the whole aviation system affecting stakeholders from the civil and military sector.

The civil – military Air Traffic Management Information Sharing Workshop will address a fundamental key enabler for improved efficiency. Effective and timely exchange and sharing of ATM information between civil and military stakeholders is an essential element in the aviation system. Not only does it contribute to the optimal use of available airspace, it is also essential for the safe access to airspace for the military to fulfil its security and defence role and to facilitate its training missions.

Due to the different objectives of civil air traffic and military air missions the requirements regarding the sharing of ATM information also have to follow certain conditions. Interoperability, Security and Data Exchange are key aspects in this context. In anticipation of the proposed technological changes, introduced with the Single European Sky initiative, in particular with the concept of SWIM (System Wide Information Management) aforementioned aspects are essential.

SWIM will be based on a shared network infrastructure, connecting all relevant stakeholders thus, facilitate the sharing of information. The technologies used will rely to the largest extent on open source and commercial standards and therefore, potentially increase the attack surface for adversaries from cyberspace.

Briefings from experts of Member States, EUROCONTROL, EDA, NEASCOG (NATO EUROCONTROL ATM Security Coordination Group) and SDM (SESAR Deployment Manager) will include an overview of the

  • current state of play in civil – military ATM information sharing
  • best practices
  • challenges and
  • an outlook for the near future

This approach shall provide the necessary background and foundation for the interactive workshop sessions and support the identification and analysis of military requirements in this context.


To register, we kindly ask you to send the following information to 

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We inform you that this is an “invite only” event thus, only invited stakeholders from Member States’ government / military organisations and EU and international institutions are allowed to participate.



EDA  Project Officer Aviation