EDA Military Airworthiness Conference 2023

mawa 23
  • 18 -19 October 2023
  • Bonn Germany
  • Wednesday 18th (8:30-20:00) - Thursday 19th (8:30 - 14:30)

The Military Airworthiness Authorities Forum (MAWA) oversees the development and maintenance of European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) and promotes opportunities for harmonisation of military airworthiness oversight in Europe. In this context the biennial EDA Military Airworthiness Conference brings together key stakeholders from national authorities, industry, European agencies and international organisations to exchange views, identify best practices and debate lessons learned in their activities to date.

We are delighted to have been invited by the German Military Aviation Safety Authority (Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr) to host the EDA Military Airworthiness Conference 2023 in Bonn, Germany on 18-19 October.

This year's conference will focus on the role and relevance of EMAR’s as critical enablers for cooperation & interoperability. The conference will look at the impact of EMAR implementation on both the regulated community and military airworthiness authorities using concrete examples to illustrate the benefits of EMAR’s and recognition activities between authorities. Aspects of operating different European and American aircraft types in an EMAR environment will be addressed, as well as the possibilities of EMAR implementation for civil-military cooperation and joint operation of multinational fleets. Other highlights will include consideration of the possible further development of the EMAR framework, taking into account the importance of airworthiness in high-intensity conflict situations and the challenges of information security management. The programme will include ample time for discussion and interaction with the audience. As in previous years, there will be opportunities for networking during the breaks and an informal evening event.

At this stage, detailed information on the draft conference programme, venue and organisation, as well as a link to the registration page, will be provided through dedicated communication with our stakeholders.

To gain access to the conference at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V. in Bonn, delegates must ensure that their registration is confirmed by EDA. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Military Airworthiness Conference 2023. 

Inquiries regarding the event should be directed to: