Fourth European Test and Evaluation Community Days Conference 2024 “Defence Test and Evaluation Challenges in Europe”

  • 08 - 10 October 2024
  • Linköping Sweden
  • From 08/10 (09h00) to 10/10 (17h00)

The last EDA Test and Evaluation Community Days took place in 2022, and since then, there is a considerable demand for defence material to enhance Europe's capabilities. The war of aggression against Ukraine has brought several changes to Europe, including how we Test and evaluate defence material. Additionally, the evolution of weapons systems and the impact of Emerging Disruptive Technologies in Defence also bring new challenges for the Defence testing community.

With this in mind, in 2024, EDA is co-organizing with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration the 4th Test and Evaluation Community Days Conference in Linköping, where the bridge between traditional and new innovative functional areas will be discussed.

The event is open to Government, Industry and Research/Academia experts from the EDA Member States. Third Countries with an Administrative Arrangement (AA) which are involved in EDA Defence Test and Evaluation activities can also participate in the event.

Call for presentations and/or poster are open until the 6th of September 2024 on the following topics.

Wartime experiences

  • T&E lessons learned from conflict in Ukraine
  • Test and Evaluation during wartime: challenges, changes and new visions
  • International cooperation in Defence Test and Evaluation
    • Case Studies
    • Standardisation in T&E
    • The roles of standards in Test and Evaluation
  • Multi Domain Operations Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation Resources

  • T&E resources and challenges in Land, Maritime, Air, Space and Cyber Domains
  • T&E resources and challenges related to innovative functional areas (IFA). Examples of IFA in TEGA-study.

Autonomous Systems

  • Evaluation of Autonomous systems: best practices and procedures, case studies

Artificial intelligence

  • Using AI and ML to Support Defence Test and Evaluation
    • Possibilities
    • Benefits
    • Risk
  • AI and Machine Learning integrated in the System Under Test.
    • How to Test the Trust Worthiness?

Data analytics

  • How data analytics can improve how we Test and Evaluate Defence equipment.
  • How to go from big data to decision
  • How to attract, retain, train and educate
  • Challenges in age structures
  • Certification

T&E Workforce, Engaging the Next Generation

  • How to attract, retain, train and educate
  • Challenges in age structures
  • Certification

Test and Evaluation an important area to support the certification of military products

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Participation in this event will be free of charge.

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Location of the Conference:

Linköping Konsert och Kongress

Visiting Address

Konsistoriegatan 7

582 22 Linköping


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Flight Test Centre

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