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EDA announces the conclusion of Project STAMP

The Surface-mount Technologies for Active Modules Production (STAMP) consortium has delivered the final conclusions on November 23.

STAMP is a 4.7 million Euros EDA Category B project, with the Netherlands and Sweden as participants. It was contracted in 2005 and aimed at producing demonstrators for single chip active transmit and receive modules for Active Electronically Scanned Antennas. Antennas of this type give several desirable capabilities to radar systems, such as agility, failure tolerance and a possibility to adapt the antenna to the geometry of a platform.

 Antenna demonstrator showing the T/R-elements (yellow squares) which were developed and studied in STAMP

Results of this study is published on the EDA website.

The project ran for 42 months. Its results are very promising, which has already led to a subsequent project, with the same contributing Member States. This follow-on project, Switched Application (SWAP), studies larger scale manufacturing of such transmit and receive modules.