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Exercise European Guardian 11th – 22nd June 2012


EDA will organize a Manual Neutralisation Techniques (MNT) exercise, “EUROPEAN GUARDIAN”, a field training exercise which will be held in Austria, in June 2012, under Austrian leadership and with the support of Luxembourg.

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are currently causing significant casualties on operations and countering them is an increasing priority for all Member States. There are occasions where the operational situation makes the risk of a device functioning unacceptable. In these situations the use of normal EOD disruptors may be inappropriate and Manual IED Neutralisation Techniques may be required. Such situations could include:

  • Where there is a direct threat to human life or critical infrastructure,
  • Where the device functioning will have a critical effect on the mission,
  • Where the recovery of an intact device is of interest for exploitation.

The aim of “European Guardian” is to provide training in order to sustain the MNT operators skills and support the development of national capabilities, in order to enhance pMS national CIED capabilities and / or contribute High Level Assets to operations / missions. Training, Exercise Scenarios and Evaluation will be provided by a contractor with specialist knowledge and needed equipment.

EDA has sponsored two pilot Manual Neutralisation Techniques courses previously - one for Counter-IED and one for Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN).


Location: Logistic School Baden/Wien, Austria