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Future Soldier Systems

Eight EDA Member States launch a Feasibility Study Programme to address four topics related to soldier systems, namely on observation, energy, human factors and survivability. The objective of the programme is to further identify possibilities offered by existing and innovative technologies to later recommend the implementation on future soldier systems, or to identify possible trends of research investment to improve system performance. The deadline for this call for proposals is 12 April 2013. 

The majority of EDA Member States have their own national soldier system programmes, which are often not interoperable. Cooperation in developing new soldier systems is advantageous given the high number of multinational operations as well as the high costs of developing individual soldier systems. 

The EDA programme Combat Equipment for Dismounted Soldier (CEDS) gathers the efforts of eight contributing Member States (Austria, France, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden). These countries have already defined common requirements, and will now investigate technologies for future soldier systems in the technology areas of energy, survivability, human factors and observation through a Feasibility Study Programme (CEDS-FSP). The prospect is to propose common technological solutions in the mid-term.

A part of the Feasibility Study Programme takes the form of a set of studies to be awarded following a call for proposals. All the documentation necessary to take part in this call for proposals (deadline: 12 April 2013) is available on EDA website in the procurement section. 

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