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“Blue Force Tracking” Demonstration at EDA

On 13 June, the European Defence Agency (EDA) invited representatives of Member States to attend a "Blue Force Tracking" demonstration of the EU Distributed Experimentation Laboratory (EU-DEL) concept. The experimentation linked ten different locations from three Member States (Germany, France and Italy) to EDA and provided a unique European virtual platform for debate, networking, and future planning.

EU-DEL is a tool to support information-sharing in the development of capabilities for EU crisis management operations. The objective is to improve information exchange on national experimentations, research facilities, industries and organisations to meet short- to long-term capability development goals. 

The Blue Force Tracking experiment is the first pilot case to demonstrate the concept of this affordable and distributed tool. The experiment, organised by the European Defence Agency and supported by the EU Military Staff, offers perspectives for an agile and dynamic approach to research and experimentation and stimulate further EU distributed projects. 


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