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Military Green 2013: From Strategy to Action

Military Green 2013 was conducted as series of small workshops over three days in early June. Gathering experts from governments, institutions, research institutes and industry, the aim has been to provide recommendations on how to take things forward in what has been identified as low hanging fruit. These small workshop settings has proved to be a very effective way of working. 

The attached workshop report has tried capture the essence of what was discussed and morph it with other sources of information in order to provide a comprehensive view on the way forward. Topics covered have been:

  • Strategy development
  • Climate change
  • Implications and opportunities in the context of EU Directives
  • Alternative technologies including biofuels and renewables
  • Modelling and simulation

EDA’s Member States will over the coming months will process the outcome of the Workshop in order to identify what they want to address in a collaborative setting.


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