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DTEB Database: A Future EDA Tool for Test & Evaluation Capabilities Development

The Defence Test and Evaluation Base (DTEB) is a mechanism to increase the Pooling & Sharing of experimentation, test and evaluation capabilities for EU Member States. The DTEB is being progressed with the governance arrangements of the DTEB Development Plan agreed in 2010. An initial requirement set by pMS was the need for capability information sharing.

To meet this initial requirement, a web-based, access protected, DTEB Database is currently in preparation at EDA and scheduled to go online in 2014. The overall objective of the DTEB Database project is to put in place, on a European scale, a Test & Evaluation (T&E) support tool to improve information sharing during the development or acquisition of defence equipment. The project will help answer the need of continuous optimisation of T&E capabilities and adaptation to nationally and internationally defined requirements. Participating T&E centres defined at national level, T&E experts as well as capability programme managers and other users will be entitled to access and contribute to the database.

Participating T&E Centres will be able to:

  • show and offer their own T&E capabilities to the European Defence Community
  • be considered in European Capability, Research and Armament projects
  • participate in European Pooling & Sharing initiatives

DTEB end-users will be able to: 

  • quickly identify potential cooperation partners for T&E activities 
  • implement European T&E capabilities in their projects 
  • quickly obtain details of Subject Matter Experts to seek advice

Transparency of information on T&E plans and activities, visibility of T&E capabilities, harmonisation of methods, cooperation between T&E facilities and competencies will be key elements to ensure the effectiveness of DTEB. This is why a bottom-up approach to this database application will guide the initiative. Test & Evaluation Centres recognised at national level and governmental defence project managers are invited to join and to express interest for participation.

Once launched, the DTEB Database will constitute a valuable tool for T&E experts, industrial consortium and programme managers, who will benefit from the database as final users.

For further details please contact the EDA DTEB Project Officer via