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EDA outlines key priorities of the revised Capability Development Plan

The European Defence Agency has just published a brochure outlining the main features of the revised Capability Development Plan (CDP) endorsed by Member States earlier this year. It reflects current defence and security trends and proposes a list of priority actions.

Since 2008, the European Defence Agency (EDA) has been producing a Capability Development Plan (CDP) to address long-term security and defence challenges. It looks at future security scenarios and makes recommendations about the capabilities European militaries will need to react to a variety of potential developments.  

The CDP is a comprehensive planning method providing a picture of European military capabilities over time. It can be used by Member States’ defence planners when identifying priorities and opportunities for cooperation. The European Defence Agency is coordinating this work done in close conjunction with Member States and other stakeholders such as the EU Military Committee. The CDP benefits from several inputs such as the Headline Goal Process, studies on long-term trends, lessons from operations and information on current plans and programs.