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Austria joins EU Satcom Market

On 23 November 2014 Austria became a contributing member of EDA’s EU Satcom Market pooled procurement initiative, thus joining Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Commercial satellite communications are used by all nations to provide extra capacity on top of their own military and governmental satellite communications. The EU Satcom Market provides a flexible and cost-effective way of doing this, with the European Defence Agency (EDA) acting as the central purchasing body for all participating countries.

A growing intiaitive

Commenting on Austria joining the project, Claude-France Arnould, EDA Chief Executive, underlined: “Since the launch of the project, 20 orders have been processed through this procurement cell, for a total value of about two millions euros. Member States are already forwarding their requirements for 2015 and it is expected that their interest and usage will increase significantly”.

Mag. Gerald Klug, the Minister of Defence and Sports in Austria, also reflected on this new cooperation effort undertaken through EDA: "The main task of the European Defence Agency is to identify synergies that increase the efficiency of projects and thus reduce costs. The EU Satcom Market shows how money can be saved through joint efforts."


EDA is acting as the central purchasing body towards a single economical operator and is managing a single order on behalf of the contributing nations. With the EU Satcom Market, they are provided with a simple and cost-effective solution, especially for occasional use.

More services are being offered to users as the project evolves: mobile satellite, morale and welfare as well as managed services will be added in the coming weeks. Additional Member States also consider joining the project.