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EDA signs Security Arrangement with OCCAR

European Defence Agency (EDA) Chief Executive Claude-France Arnould and Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'ARmement (OCCAR) Director Tim Rowntree have signed a Security Arrangement between their respective organisations on 8 December 2014. The event took place at OCCAR headquarters in Bonn, in the margins of the biannual meeting of the chiefs of the two partners organisations.

In 2012, EDA and OCCAR signed an administrative arrangement that established the framework of their partnership in the fied of European defence capabilities development and armaments cooperation.

The EDA-OCCAR Security Arrangement complements this Administrative Arrangement as well as the Security Agreement between the European Union and OCCAR. It details the protection and exchange of classified information. The overall aim is to facilitate and further develop cooperation opportunities between the two organizations.


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